Portrait Commission Fee Schedule

Portraits start at $1350 for a small head and shoulders with a simple background.
Complex background or props and additional subjects increase the price.

Head and Shoulders portrait drawings start at $500.

* Please contact the artist for an accurate estimate that will take into account the number of people to be included in the composition, the size of the canvas, and other details. Fees do not include framing, matting, or travel and lodging expenses. Detailed backgrounds or special props may increase the price. Fees listed are for one subject only.

An initial meeting will allow for discussion of the composition and preferably to get to know the person or people to be painted. It is stressed that live sittings result in superior paintings to those done from photos alone, and the artist encourages clients to sit for as much of the painting as they can. A photo session with the artist is included in the cost of a painting, and it is preferred that the artist works from her own photographs. A photographer can be used if necessary, but that cost is not included in the commission fee. A 1/3 to 1/2 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of the photo session.

After the initial meeting and photo session, the artist will review the photos and present the client with sketches and/or color studies for approval. If the fee has been divided into 3 payments, a second 1/3 of the fee is due at this time. Painting will commence once the material is approved and an approximate date will be set when the work should be ready for review. Delivery is arranged in consultation with the client and the remainder of the portrait fee is then due.

Gift Certificates

Do you want to give a custom portrait as a gift, but want the finished piece to be more than the available family photos will allow? Gift Certificates allow you to surprise the recipient, without sacrificing quality. A beautiful certificate is hand decorated by the artist and is appropriate for holidays or other special occasions. Surprise a loved one while simultaneously allowing them to become part of the creative process.