October 2nd - Where am I?

Yes, I am still here! I am still painting, slowly, in between all the other things I have been trying to juggle. I feel a little funny about posting news about Danette between all the nude images, so I am going to wait a while before I post more progress pictures.

Last month took a lot out of me emotionally, for sure. There are a couple projects going on for the Velez family, and I am writing a guest column for the Sun about Danette that will be published next week. I am also training for a 10K, so sleep has become slightly more important to me now, reducing the amount of time I get to spend doing other (more important!) things.

Please stay tuned. More paintings, drawings, and writings are to come, I anticipate at an increased pace!

I the meantime, here's a bit of randomness:

Take a look at that building... there's a house on top of it! I lived just a few blocks from here in Syracuse, NY (where the sky is always gray) as a young child, and there were stories about the mean old man who owned that house, so concerned with his profit that he lived right there on top of the building. I wonder what the real story was.

That brown building right next to the red one was a Key Bank when I was a little girl. I remember going there weekly with my mother, and thinking how magical it was, and how fortunate she was, to go somewhere that the people actually gave away money.