Final Preparations for Facades - Ophelia

Oil on Panel 24" x 18"

I'm just now finishing up all my preparations for the show. Final framing, labels, and a disk with jpgs of all the paintings. I've had some late nights finishing up the above painting, and I have yet to find the time to digest my thoughts on it. For sure it was a different experience for me with the lack of strong shadows. This is actually still a little wet in some areas, but already framed and ready to go!

My friend and fellow artist Rachelle Gardner is doing me a huge favor and is heading out with me to Manhattan in the morning so I can deliver the last of the paintings, even though I think I am coming down with a cold. (Isn't she fabulous?) The thought of spending four hours round trip alone in the car terrifies me. In fact, if she wasn't willing to come with me, I was literally going to force my [almost] 10 year old son to endure the trip with me! Please cross your fingers that I am not sick, or at least not too sick, so perhaps we can enjoy conversation and lunch during this long trip!