Facades - The Opening

Opening night for Facades was a lot of fun! Above is a shot that looks straight through the section of the gallery was dedicated to my paintings. The guy in the front and to the left is Jay Nelson, art pusher extraordinaire, and I am off to the right.

I spent the night chatting with art lovers and artists, some of whom I hadn't met before including the elusive Jon Keith Swindell, and sampling from the fabulous buffet Strecker-Nelson provided. There was a lot of great work in the other sections of the gallery which I highly recommend! Unfortunately, I did not get to introduce myself to Lisa Grossman or Lori Wright, either because they were already engrossed in conversation or I was being shy.

All in all, a good time and a great show. Stop in if you are in the area! Stay tuned; more art in progress is on the way.