Teaching, Painting, Doing Stuff

The blog has been quiet, but I've been very busy! Right now, I have two portraits-from-life in progress, a small figure painting in progress, and the above nectarines also in progress. I also had lots of private lessons, my Thursday portrait drawing class, and yet another field trip last week. I will post about the field trip in another post shortly.

Portraits from life are a challenge! Right now is an exciting time for me because I am learning a lot now that I can regularly work from life in my studio and am doing these little still life studies (new subject matter each time!) However, it's also frustrating that I haven't been working on something more serious or narrative... though what is more serious than improving at your craft? Food for thought. Hopefully some more work on my little figure painting and bringing the life portraits up to a finish will help with those feelings.

*I almost forgot to mention that Friday I was art... I was part of my friend Rachelle Gardner's installation downtown. Check out her blog and she should have pics from Friday soon!

This week I will be working from life in the studio, and then in addition to my Thursday class I will be teaching a portraits from life workshop in Leavenworth Friday through Sunday. Check back for images as my paintings progress and for a recap of my Friday field trip!