Paintings Update

I got the canvas covered on "Sloth!" Of course, I was in a rush to get it done before I had to stop, so the values (on the knees especially) are off and up close it's a bit sloppy, but the base coat is down and I am happy about that. With the holidays this week, I will have limited time in the studio but plan to make the best of it.
Mid-week my apprentice and I also had the model for this painting come in so we could work, but the light was quickly fading so we only really got another hour in. The next day I did something I really never do: I worked on it with no reference at all, just my memory. Considering that I never do that I think it came out pretty well! I really didn't touch the hands and feet because I don't remember those details, and the legs aren't as solid as I'd like, but this has turned out to be a pretty good little study. The face is a real challenge because it is so small, so it's not a very good likeness. The picture above at full size is about the same size as the painting in real life, 12" x 6". That makes the head less than 1.25".

Today I am off to my weekly figure painting class and then will be at the studio all day tomorrow. I'll update on my progress in a couple days.