Inspirations from the Met Part 1: Lady Painters

There are way too many pics from the Met to share here, much less comment on individually or provide titles and artists, so I've selected a handful (about 50!) to post here under separate sections. I was inspired by many things on my trip to NYC and I can see the difference already in my painting technique and in the way I am thinking about future compositions.

This post is to highlight some paintings I noticed were by female painters... this is not to say I wasn't more interested in their composition or technique than their gender, as I took pics/studied paintings that stood out to me in that way first and asked questions about the artist, etc., later. (Notice for example that Cassat isn't represented here. Female, yes, but not as interesting otherwise to me personally and my own artistic vision. She was one of my first favorites in high school, though.) But there is something nice about seeing that aspect of yourself reflected in these paintings at the Met, a connection that can be felt with those artists. I am guilty of, for whatever reason, always assuming great art was created by a male. Before I go off on a tangent, and since it is important that I get to work on my own paintings this morning, here is some great work that happened to be painted by females: