My Pinterest Anatomy Board

Useful for the students in my anatomy class and others: I have a board on Pinterest where I'm collecting images I find helpful for the study of anatomy. There's even some out-of-the-box stuff with Mermaid and other fantastical creature anatomy! I keep adding new things and also have other boards that may be of interest including figure drawing references, Art Deco, and hairdos... if that's your thing. :-)

Life Drawing Session Videos!!

I recently found these YouTube videos on Facebook... They're put out by New Masters Academy and are 25-minute long videos with photos of life models that change every 1, 2, or 5 minutes. You could theoretically hit pause if you wanted to continue for longer. I really enjoyed hitting play and sketching from my sofa!! While this doesn't replace working from life, it's great practice for in between life drawing sessions.

They say that more videos will be added weekly. Enjoy!!