Some Sketches and Works in Progress

I've happily been painting away on several new pieces this past month, and playing with ideas for future works. Lately I've felt like expanding beyond my usual imagery and I am very excited! Below are some paintings in progress and a couple sketches in oil.


Above is an in-progress 14" x 11" painting of the lovely Charlotte Treuse. I'm considering gilding the entire background in gold.


This is a detail of a 36" x 48" oil painting currently on my easel. The head here is approximately life sized. The composition is after a smaller sketch I did last year at 9" x 12".


Here's a little 7" x 5" oval I decided to play with. It's maybe not as blue as this photo, done only in black and white. I'm not sure if I want to leave it as monochromatic, or treat it as an underpainting for a full color portrait.


The above image is a small sketch, maybe 9" high, to work out a composition for a larger painting. I love the idea of a painting conveying the feeling of flight, and I may add an indication of the inside of a tent in the distance to convey more height.


Here is another instance of me playing with ideas on a tiny scale. I love the way the shadow in the background is a somewhat menacing figure, and I am very influenced by Erte's Symphony in Black.


Finally, another work in progress Venusian Queen. I am trying some new things with this one with LED lights and a futuristic costume.

I'm enjoying 2015 as a year to expand and challenge myself! Cheers~

Portrait Demo at Blick Art Materials

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving a 4 hour demo at Blick Art Materials in Kabsas City! Here are some progress shots with some thoughts on my process. 

Lacey Lewis painting a portrait at Blick Art Materials

Lacey Lewis painting a portrait at Blick Art Materials


My palette is a semi-organized thing. I lay out my colors separating cool from warm, progressing through the hues of the rainbow and from light to dark.


I mix across the palette to create lower chroma flesh tones.


After making a basic sketch in charcoal, I started by laying in a background color, against which I can judge all subsequent mixtures. 


Next I blocked in the darkest shapes, simplifying everything to one basic tone on the shadow side of her face.


On the light side I included more variety in hue than I did on the shadow side, and started to add in smaller shapes like the eyes. This looked pretty weird with no mouth included!


Once everything was basically blocked in, I started to include more accurate plane shifts, varying tones in more subtle mixtures. I simultaneously adjusted the drawing as I went along.


The eyes and nostrils were of the last parts to be clarified in the painting, because they are the smallest parts of the face. I wanted to be sure of the overall placement before including such small details.


The finished sketch, after a little more work on the hair and clothing. :-)